No Sleep Til...





AUGUST 20, 2017








We are bringing it back to where it all began. Our event will feature the culture and influence of hip hop during the 1980's and 1990s on the barber industry. Located in the industral district of Bushwick Brookyn, this is NYC's first ever WAREHOUSE BATTLE.


New York City has forever been the inspiration for cutting edge style and has continuely set the trend for barbers across the states and beyond. Hip hop has it's roots in NYC and during the 1980s and 1990s carved one of the most influential genres of all time. The impact imprinted itself onto the barber industry and can be seen through the haircuts birthed during this time.

We are beyond the chair. We are a movement that sets the trends. We are bringing you the hip hop and the barbershop culture of our past. The past that gave birth to all of us. On August 20th 2017, AASTRAIGHTRAZORS will bring to you the first cultural barber battle in the only place it can, and spread love the Brooklyn way!

We all love New York City, and every barber is New York City, but can anybody take the crown for New York City?

Compete in one of five categories: The Nas, The Brooklyn, The Line Up, NY Minute and the #NoFilter. If you are ready to claim bragging rights and wear the crown for NYC don't hesitate and sign up; spots are limited.


Located in the industrial zone of Bushwick Brooklyn, this popular neighborhood has kept the essence of the old and the new. Bushwick has been voted as the '7th Coolest neighborhood in the World' by Vogue Magazine.


We are proud to announce the show hosts and guest DJ:  Laura Stylez of the morning show on Hot 97.1 FM, Joe Flano from Major League Barbers and DJ Fat Fingaz.

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